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We are an international petroleum and petrochemical trading company

Petroleum and Petrochemical Trading

Swift Petrotrade Group (SPG) is an international petroleum and petrochemical trading company set up and governed by a very experienced team with combined expertise in oil trading, petroleum distribution, logistics, finance, corporate governance and petroleum collateral management.

We have prodigious focus on sub-Saharan Africa through trading, partnering with local stakeholders and through building and acquisition of local infrastructures.

Africa Owned and Operating Intercontinentally

Swift Petrotrade has an experienced trading team, operating across the industry capitalizing on both trading and selective investment opportunities. We strategize to source products directly from major refineries and from other major international petroleum and petrochemical trading companies primarily in NWE & MED for West African (WAF) supplies and in the Middle East for Eastern and Southern African supplies. Controlled from our Head Office in Mauritius, our trading desks work with judicious management of market, credit and foreign exchange risks.

How We Operate

We conduct business under an integrated ESG Management Framework because we recognize the long-lasting impact our decisions have on people, communities, and the environment.

Corporate Governance

Governance Structure

Swift Petrotrade has adopted a one-tier model of Board of Directors. This model has only one body instead of two separate ones. The body consists of Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors. The Executive Directors are in charge of the daily management, but are supported intensively by the Non-Executive Directors. The Board meets regularly to discuss and review reports on the business and the company’s strategies. Together, they bring a wide range of business, commercial and other relevant experience. The Board is confident that there is an appropriate representation of proficiency, capabilities, knowledge, independence and diversity of background amongst the members to carry out duties and responsibilities effectively.

Our Stakeholders

We work primarily with refineries owned by national oil companies, oil majors, independent oil refineries, airline companies, power generation plants, shipping companies and other bulk end-users. We focus on all members of the supply chain from the refineries to the end-users such as using best in class logistics whether it’s a ship, barge, pipeline or truck to move oil efficiently and effectively.

Caring About People And The Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Swift Petrotrade Group is socially responsible. We have keen interest in Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) related issues in the regions in which we operate. As a responsible international petroleum and petrochemical trading company, Swift Petrotrade has developed an environmental approach to control the impact of its activities and will continually deploy social, human and economic actions close to local populations and national authorities. 

The international trading activities of Swift Petrotrade will certainly impact on the environment. These impacts may take the form of fire hazards, leakages and spillages, which could result in the contamination and eventual pollution of surface and ground water or emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) leading to the destruction of the ozone layer. Swift Petrotrade being mindful of these negative environmental impacts has developed a comprehensive Corporate Environmental Policy (CEP) Document to guide its operations. The Corporate Environmental Policy of Swift Petrotrade thoroughly outlines the company’s commitment towards sustainability, environmental protection, human and property safety.


Recruitment Policy

SPG seeks to attract and retain highly qualified and experienced talents to meet the organisation’s needs.

As an organization, talent is an important focus of SPG’s growth strategy. We seek to bring employees from varying backgrounds and we are committed to giving them the resources and support needed for them to play their roles effectively and efficiently. SPG provides several opportunities for its people to grow, evolve and progress in their careers over the longer term.

Recruiting and selecting the right people are vital to the success of SPG. Our recruitment and selection policies are designed to ensure, as far as possible, that the best people are recruited on the basis of their experience, skills and qualifications.

Applying for a Job

Thank you for your interest in working with us. In order for us to learn more about you and see how your profile meets our recruitment and selection policies, please send your CV to careers@swiftpetrotrade.com

If SPG determines there is a match between your profile and our needs, we will contact you. Please note that submission of your CV does not guarantee an offer. 

If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please send an e-mail to f.bukurally@swiftpetrotrade.com


Swift Petrotrade and its approved recruitment consultants will never ask you for a fee to process or consider your application for a career with us. Anyone who demands such a fee is not an authorized Swift Petrotrade representative and you are strongly advised to refuse any such demand.


Swift Petrotrade Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Fraud Alert

Swift Petrotrade does not:

  • Send job offers from free email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Request payment of any kind from prospective candidates for employment or any sort of fees.
  • Authorize anyone to either collect money or arrive at any monetary arrangement in return for a job at Swift Petrotrade
  • However, in certain instances the recruitment process is done through professional recruiting agencies. In such cases, offers are always made directly by Swift Petrotrade and not by any third parties. 

Fraud Alert

  • We will not be responsible to anyone acting on an employment offer not directly made by SPG.
  • Anyone making an employment offer in return for money or other type of gain is not authorized by Swift Petrotrade and is not offering an approved job.
  • We reserve the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against such individuals or entities.

If you receive any unauthorized, suspicious or fraudulent offers or interview calls, please email us at info@swiftpetrotrade.com